Interclub test pack Redclear Pro-70, with AirShuttles (under conditions)

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Delivery all over Europe

Clubs: this pack is fully refundable at the rate of 1 € refunded for each purchase of 20 € during your next order.

With the purchase of a minimum pack 3 tubes of Redclear Pro-70 (new production, more durable and more precise shuttle) , receive a tube of AirShuttle (1 tube of 3 ruffles)!

The top-of-the-range Redclear Pro-70 is the best badminton shuttlecock of the Redclear brand. Its natural goose feathers are of the highest quality, comparable to the best references on the market! This new model was developed in collaboration with Ling Mei and offers you a perfect equivalence with their already famous model Ling Mei 80.

This model has been specially selectedto save you money in your club competitions thanks to its robustness, and to allow your competitors to best express their technique thanks to the precision of this shuttle.

Approved in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Thanks to its feeling of robustness in the hand, its very high quality white goose feathers and very high durability, this new model will be perfect for the most demanding amateurs, high level competitors as well as the pros.

Interclub test pack Redclear Pro-70, with AirShuttles (under conditions)
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